Sustained Energy BOOST


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Do you poop out before the FINISH?

Stay energized for HOURS!

This custom-formulated BOOST provides long-term energy to train, make it through the game or run a marathon.

Five ingredients are blended together in this BOOST that are proven to provide long-lasting energy:

  • Quercetin is natually found in many plants. It’s what makes super foods SUPER. It helps improve blood circulation, which increases energy and endurance.
  • D-Ribose is a type of sugar the body produces naturally. It creates energy at the cellular level in the form of ATP and PUMPS UP muscle power.
  • Carnipure® L-Carnitine helps transform fat stored in the body into an energy source.
  • Caffeine jumpstarts your energy and sustains it for hours.
  • B vitamin complex converts food into fuel. B vitamins also facilitate communication between neurotransmitters, which helps improve thinking, focus and overall mental performance.

Check out the science and research behind ThinkitDrinkit's Sustained Energy BOOST.

Try Suntainted Energy BOOST from ThinkitDrinkit:

  • 6.22 gram single serving BOOST
  • Only 1.73 per BOOST
  • Take one BOOST daily for optimal results
  • Expect to experience higher energy starting in minutes that will last for hours
  • Flavorless
  • Easy to add to the cold and hot beverages you enjoy drinking. (Careful when adding to caffeinated beverages like cola, coffee and tea — don't want to over caffeinate!) Also great when added to yogurt.