Mental Performance BOOST


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Want to see what your brain is capable of?

Take your mental performance to its ULTIMATE level.

This powerful brain performance BOOST has been custom engineered to:

  • Improve focus
  • Increase attention
  • Expand memory and recall
  • Enhance mental sharpness
  • Make you feel better connected.

This is the PERFECT BOOST for students and anyone trying to learn new things or master unfamiliar activities. It will help make you "head of the class" at school, work, home — and among your friends.

It is also beneficial for people who are experiencing memory loss and other similar issues associated with aging.

The key ingredient in this BOOST, Cognizin®, is a branded form of citicoline, which helps improve and maintain brain function. It does this by increasing phosphatidylcholine levels, which POWER brain activity.

Check out the science and research behind ThinkitDrinkit's Mental Performance BOOST.

Try Mental Performance BOOST from ThinkitDrinkit:

  • 250 milligram single serving BOOST
  • Only 53 cents per BOOST
  • Take one BOOST daily for optimal results
  • Expect to start experiencing its benefits within 30 minutes. Take daily for ongoing improvement in mental capacity.
  • Flavorless
  • Easy to add to the things you enjoy drinking and eating, including hot and colds drinks, smoothies, yogurt and baked goods.